Software knowledge is only valuable if combined with knowledge about its applications. We offer:

  • -Requirement specifications
  • -System designs
  • -Development plans

Once you know what you want we can send you a quotation for your customized product, and can get straight to work.

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Data Science

Data science is a powerful tool that has the potential to give your company that 200% boost through insights and automation. We offer:

  • -Data collection and preparation
  • -Prediction and automation
  • -Prototyping and Reporting

Are you satisfied with your solution? No migration needed. We offer heavy duty deployment in the Ay Sure cloud, at a fraction of AWS and Azure pricing.

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Software Development

Software is becoming ubiquitous. No solution is complete without a streamlined interface, a responsive team and robust implementation. We offer:

  • -Webdesign
  • -Iterative development
  • -Tech support
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Machine learning and data science demand an ever increasing amount of computing power. Hosting our own accelerated hardware allows for cheap iteration. We offer:

  • -Cheap model training
  • -Long term model hosting
  • -Low latency through dutch servers
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